have you ever?

have you ever been lying in bed jerkin off and get so into it that you dont realize that your dick is pointed right at your face? then you're soo into jackin it to the porn clip you downloaded and looped that when you bust you shoot hot jizz all over your chin and lips? HAHAHAHA, ME EITHER! just a innocent question is all.

you ever straddle the toilet and take a shit without sitting down? bending all the way over so you can see your asshole yawn as a log passes your fleshy poop door? HAHAHAHA, ME EITHER! just a question.....

you ever go into your parents room when you're house sitting while they are out of town and jerk off into every pair of panties she owns? even every pair of panties your father owns? and as you bust a nut scream at the top of your lungs "AND THE CHEESE IS SPOILED!" while r.kelly plays in the background ever so softly? HAHAHAHAHA, ME EITHER!

have you ever fucked a one legged woman named Peggy? WELL IF YOU HAVE, MOTHERFUCKER, STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY WOMAN!







have you ever wished you could eat the flesh of a pretty young woman that walks by you, smelling sweet oh soo sweet. eat her and then shit her out and eat her again. make a stew of her bones and bathe in it for weeks.




i have





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