Have your guns, and shoot them too!

Once again, the Gun Control debate has surfaced.  
I'm not an American, I don't have the 'right' to own a gun, but I do have the privilege.  Fortunately, I don't feel the need to own a gun for my protection from the government, other gun owners, or zombies for that matter.  However, as a friendly neighbor to the North, I have an opinion on the topic.
No matter what anyone does, we will never see an end to gun violence.  Murder is already illegal, so criminalizing the tools used in these homicides seems more like a band-aid, opposed to a solution. Or like a knee jerk reaction from those required to take action.   I don't blame these politicians, it's not like they can just ignore the issue. 
Despite the fact that not every crime can be prevented, gun ownership should be by no means a freedom. Owning a vehicle is a privilege, you have to take tests to prove your abilities and knowledge before you can legally operate a car on a road.  Why? Because improper use, or a lack of understanding of traffic law can and often does result in serious injury or death.   Although not all car accidents can be prevented, there has been a steep decline in fatal accidents since the 1970's where obtaining a license was much easier, and mandatory safety features we either non existent or not mandatory.  Regulation will never solve the issue, but it improves the situation. 
Bottom line, nobody should be allowed to own a gun if they have a criminal record of any kind, or has a history of mental illness (this should be on file and made available much like criminal background checks). Also, like obtaining a drivers permit, everyone who wishes to own a gun should have to pass a test that covers both gun safety and law.  Much like a car's safety and emissions testing, all guns should have to be tested at a registered shooting range each year.  This will allow the government the ability to keep an updated registry, making it more difficult for legal fire arms to enter the black market and criminal organizations. 
I can understand why some people are against regulation to an extent.   If they alter or remove the 2nd Amendment, that opens the doors to the possibility of other rights and freedoms falling victim to the same change. But let's keep in mind that the 2nd Amendment has already been altered in that it now allows people to own a firearm for lawful purposes, aside from an association to a militia.  Simply put, a society cannot function solely on an original set of rules and rights.  Sure it's a great foundation for the future, but it doesn't always stay relevant and needs to adapt as society does.  
But I'm just a Canadian.  My opinion doesn't matter, I can't vote, I can't tell you what to do with your gun. I can only put my point of view out there.  If you're an American facing the possibility of change, it's only right for you to have a point.  But if you're looking to escape the gun-crazed folk out there, or the government trying to take away your rights, you can always move to Canada.
It's not the same as the US, but you can still live a normal modern day life here.  We have lot's of guns, and what many would consider a more healthy gun culture.  Sure you have to jump through a few hoops to legally get one, but from what I can see, many avid, American gun owners are willing to do whatever it takes to have one.  With a lower population on a larger land mass, you're likely to find a nice neighborhood where gun crimes are unheard of.  Making gun ownership less of a responsibility to protect oneself, and more a hobby.   Despite the tragedies we all know about, us Canadians do not fear for the loss of our rights, or guns for that matter.   Canada is not America, but it's the closest alternative.  But I'm guessing you'd rather just have your guns and shoot them too. 

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