Hawaii Trip - Day 2

Do you know that feeling when you didn't get what you have expected and later you are surprised with something awesome that the disappointment doesn't matter much? The beaches at Maui might be overcrowded and terribly maintained but you'd be shocked at what's popular there.

Golf courses. They have many scattered around the island. I was like "Golf? Seriously? That boring game you see billionaires play in movies?" Now I know why they play it. I'd never booked a visit to a golf course neither had I the urge to before. Oh, how wrong somebody could be with an assumption. But regardless, here's some facts I learned about the locals during the last 2 days.

They walk around/drive bare foot

Some of them can be terribly obese and walk around like normal people

I'm not sure if it's a stupid fad or they love to wear tons of bracelets

Some of the names sound like something you'd name your teddy bear when you were four

People dressing up for the beach behind an open car door

A lot of them are probably related to Sean Connery. - you can tell that from how they shay thingsh when they shpeak English.

They kiss strangers during standard greetings (yuck)

I can't pronounce most of the names of the places on Maui

Boats are probably more popular than bicycles on Maui

Hawaiians smile. If you've seen a Hawaiian smile, you know what I mean

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