He-Man And The Masters of The Universe

Ohayou, guys! Many of you probably remember watching He-Man when you were kids. It was one of the greatest cartoons ever made. As most animated series for children, this one also had a moral. He-Man was special, since it had openly homosexual protagonists. Small children couldn't understand the hidden context, which was a great way of introducing the problematics of gays in a subtle manner.


The main character, Adam, is a tall, muscular guy (he likes to work out) with a daring hairdo which is reveiling his sexual orientation. He wears bangs and dyes his hair blonde. He also likes his friends to address him as "Prince" or "Prince Adam." His best friends are a butch with a mustache, a midget and a lesbian furry (always wearing some kind of a bird costume).


The success followed with action figures and the legendary Commodore 64 game soon reached it's peak. Spin offs like She-Male (later changed to She-Ra) and a new version, where He-Man looked more like the model Fabio, turned out to be flops. A lot of Canadians also complained about theĀ  SkeletorĀ  character, which was an obvious mockery of Canadian people.


Even though He-Man still brings a smile on people's faces, and almost everybody recognises the main theme tune, Hollywood won't make a live action remake. It's very sad. For those who are into nostalgic shit, I recommend downloading the c64 game for the emulator (it's abandonware, so it's free) or watching the classic animated series

Uploaded 07/02/2011
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