Hello and Christmas Greetings

Hello eBaums people,
I finally worked up enough courage to sighn up and join this sight. I like to write in my spair time, but usually just to me or in occasion cards. If Hallmark saw some of my stuff, I'm certain they be steeling it and all. So it's because of my work situation and the coming Christmas season that has made me want to write this letter. You see I love Christmas, but now my boss has lowered all our hours in the store. Something about the new laws regarding health care. Like why would that make me get less hours? I'm never sick, sure I'll call in sick, but it's not like I go see the doctor or some thing like that.

To make up for our hours the manager hired a new girl and she's a real brown noser, always doing something and making the rest of us look bad. She has no friends because she never gets anyone coming into the store to say hello and maybe take a break with them. She's so anti social and won't join us on our smoke breaks. She says it's because she doesn't smoke, but so what at least chillax with us once in a while. Now the manager is always pulling me off the cash register when there are no customers in the store to stock shelves or tidy up. Like WTF, what if a customer walks in picks up what they want and I'm busy stocking shelves? They have to wait until I'm done and then I have to walk over there and stuff. You shouldn't keep the customer waiting.
My hubby Jeb told me to get a second job. Like heil Jeb! I'll get right on that. Give me a break, I already have a job and I'd be like the new biatch stepping on peoples toes working at our store as a second job. So now I cancelled my maid service. How does that help the economy? Like now a job is lost because of some rules about deductions. My maid said it was her fourth cancellation this week and started crying to me. I had to pretend to care in case I can get her back when things get better. 
But it's not all bad, I don't have to buy presents for Jeb's side of the family after that Born Again Christian incident. So that'll save a few bucks. I still believe in Santa Clause, not like in a real person, but that good things happen to good people like me at Christmas time. For example when I went to get my fur coat out of storage I found a twenty dollar bill. I was like, "Hello" come to momma. I went straight down to Lowes and bought a singing bass. I work hard and deserve it. 
I figured out what I'm getting Jeb for Christmas too. Right now in the store there is a vanilla scented candle on sale for 50% off and with my employee discount it is practically free. Jebs going to love my frugallity. 

Anyhow it feels good to write and get that off my chest and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

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