Helpful Hints from Sparks158

Say, Guy, are you having trouble performing simple day to day tasks? Do you feel like sometimes you just need a little help with the ladies?


Well, slugger, you've come to the right blog. Let's start with the basics.


When I walk into a store, or maybe a fine eatery, I make sure to equip my shoes and shirt items. This makes the whole transaction go by much smoother, and the people friendlier. Some of the finer businesses even have a sign just to remind you guys.


Now, when I'm completing the transaction, I also try and make sure to have enough gold coins to do so. Believe it or not, many shopkeepers do not appreciate it when you don't have enough gold.


Maybe you see a fine sorceress at said business, and you'd like to approach her? I recommend the following:


First, break the ice with a little small talk. Something like "Hey there, I see you're wearing dragon hide armor, must have been expensive." Or if that's not classy enough for this special woman, maybe "Hi there, sweetie, I noticed that you're charisma level was off the charts! I think it must be working, cause you're arousing fervent popular devotion and enthusiasm in me."


If you're lucky enough for her to come back to your hut, make sure to cast your erection spell when she isn't looking. Believe me, you'll be thankful you did when the action heats up. Around this time you might also want to cast a dexterity booster, and equip a longevity bonus amulet if you have one.


Now, in some lands, it is customary to pay the woman after the deed is done. However, for some reason, in some lands offering to pay is considered offensive. So, make sure to ask afterwards. You may also want to check your inventory, making sure you have enough gold to cover ANY expenses.




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