Here I am in the US of A

Okay, here I am in the USA.  I'm stuck in some crappy motel (traveldodge) in San Diego that sucks hairballs.  I[m drinking and uploading pics to keep myself from going crazy. Miss my kid, miss my wife and miss my home.

I know this all sounds pathetic, but on the plus side, my brother, who is travelling with me is a bit a bird watcher and I getting hooked on  it as well.  He's in it for the birds. I'm doing the driving and I gotta say, I like the chase.  It's kinda like hinting without actually killing anything.

Soon we'll be off to Vegas and then I;ll do some work and won't be so bored and probably have some fun - the kind that stays in Vegas.

Now, I'm playing backgammon on line through Yahoo and chatting to assholes all over the world.  Boring, very boring.  Still, I'm sampling local brews and I think I might just wander over the road to a strip bar or three for some pervy fun.

See yall soon.





Uploaded 02/10/2009
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