Heroes is the reason

  Some of you may have noticed my abscence from the blogs of the last week or so, but I'm guessing most of you haven't due to the diluted amount of bloggers of recent. Those of you who have noticed are ones I talk to, and are really who this is directed towards.

   The reason I've absconded is quite simple- I finished up my recent trimester and am thoroughly enjoying my time away from school til it picks up again mid-January. I've also become hopelessly addicted to "Heroes." I've been watching it from the first episode on Netflix tv during my down time since I came down with a nasty sinus infection last week.

   I started season III last night, but only made it through the first episode before I became too tired and started falling asleep. I must say though, season II was somewhat upsetting, aside from the whole writers strike and all. They left too many well-structured plots undeveloped in my opinion, but I'm just your average viewer. Hiro Nakamura is by far my favorite character at this point for many reasons. Noah Bennet is a close second, and a far better role than he (Jack Coleman) ever had on "Dynasty."

   Sylar/Gabriel Gray is just annoying me at this point, and I wish he'd go away as his character seemed to be filler throughout season II. Again, that's just my take on things. I'm hoping for a hardcore lesbian scene between Elle Bishop, Claire Bennet and Nikki Sanders, but I know it won't happen. I may need to have a talk with the writers here soon. It's too bad that Simone Deveaux died because she'd have been an awesome addition to the threesome.

   LOST is just around the corner, so the waiting will soon come to an end... finally. Yay for the Winter season of television and its excellent shows! Not to mention all the hockey a guy could ever ask for.

I hope you all are well, and wish ya happy holidays!

danzig- I haven't forgotten about our Missoula conversation we still need to have.


Be well,


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