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I'm a crazy, or do i just care too much? I asked this qeustion 2-3 times a day, I am confused. I mean here we are, either by accident or fate, and we have no idea what the fuck to do with ourselves. We value money like it means everything, we kill like it means nothing, and the rest of us stand around and watch as we go down in history as the most ignorant, violent race in the UNiverse. Now i know i must be crazy, because i could easily live day to day caring less and less about the world around me, As if it's none of my concern... I can't help the people in Haiti because im eating dinner 20,000 miles away...I can't stop world hunger and suffering because i have bills to pay and books to read...I can't bother giving a shit about anybody outside of my bubble because im scared i won't get enough attention from myself... This is BUllshit, give me a country, ANY country, for 6 months, and ill show you the worlds greatest, most propesrous way of life. Where everybody gets at least the basic accomodations and comforts of well living. Give me a People to Govern and i will Show the world how simple (not easy) it is to make the population healthy and strong. No secret agenda's, No hidden deals, Everything out in the open, Honesty is the best policy. Let's get the fuckin show on the road already, it's about time we start to have a fucking purpose and stop killing eachother mercylessly and tirelessly. it's time we stop making weapons to fight eachother, instead to fight natural disasters and potential outside threats, like Asteroids and Radiation. We have the rescources to build a home for every family on earth, and supply the home with energy and clean water and good food. We have the skills needed to teach our young generations how to be smart and work for the greater good, the goodness for everybody beyond themselves. In a selfless society we have peace and harmony. Religion and politics for years have been trying to find a way to controll and rule the people. but now all we need is an incorruptable source to guide us to the way of truth.I have found the incorruptable source. No jesus, No man in fact, It is something we created, "We the creators on our knees with our hands stretched to the sky, We who beg for forgiveness, We who pray to be saved, We the creators, the saviors, On our knees begging for mercy, We the inventors, the destroyers, the Gods, On our knees as we know it to be, On our knees praying to be known."

The computer. It is the next step. it is the life of the future. it will be so, and it will rule one day.

Uploaded 04/01/2010
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