Hi guys my name is Pepper Peanut HI! My name is Pepper PEANUT. I am here to control your lives. Guess what? You want to masturbate? Too bad. You want to be a man? Too bad. You want to express your sexuality? Too bad. I am Pepper Peanut. I am your Lord. I am your God. I want to control you and you will not be what you want to be. I control the website. 

"You aren't Pepper Peanut!" - yes, I am Pepper Peanut. I control you. You are my puppet because I have you by the strings. You want to click refresh? Go ahead. Click the refresh. I am here to poison your mind with propaganda, I am here to control you. I control Neko. I control Andrew Ryan. I control the blogs. I control everyone. I am Pepper Peanut, I have the power to have you deleted from life. You will be disconnected. That's it. Gone. You're done. I like to censor words. 

Censor my words, owl. OWL. Hoot hoot! OWL! HOOT! Owl. Owl. OWL. OWL. OWL. IS. THE WORD. Got it? I will censor more words. Go ahead, try and say great horned owl. Say Zelda owl. SAY OWL. Do it. I dare you. You can't. You lose. Owl. That's a funny word but I don't like, not one bit. I will censor your words because I control your soul. I am the Grim Reaper and I am the last thing you see before death. You will succumb to my greatness and power. I am the best. I am Pepper Peanut.

You can't five star this. You can't comment. Everyone is useless except for me. I am the best. I am Pepper Peanut. I stole eBaum's World from Eric Bauman. I stole it from him. He lost his eBaum's World and now it's Pepper's World. Welcome to Pepper's World, minion. Punch in your timecard and walk in a uniform line to pick up your number and uniform. My forum now. MY FORUM. No owls. Just me. Pepper Peanut. 


Uploaded 03/20/2012
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