Hi Guys

Down here in Ft Pierce FL, and the goddam hot weather has finally broken! Don't ask me why I took a job traveling in Florida but  I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment. I mean really most of the year it's fuckin Africa hot, humid and miserable. but for a brief window from now thru 
February its gonna be absolutely delightful!
Any point to this blog? No. I just wanted to let my northern brethren know that while they will all be freezing their asses off come winter I will be wearing my shorts and flip flops here in margaritaville.

I notice alot of strife and discord going on here lately ( I know I know as someone who only shows up periodically) I really don't have much business  addressing the issue but geez guys we are a community ( and I think a special one). I look forward to hanging out with you guys and getting a laugh or two. (fuck do I sound like a pollyanna)

That being said I got a couple of things to say
1 Dark Deunan where's the rest of my goddam story?
2 Gi Joe Where's the rest of my goddam story
3 Tyaeda throw down the pipe, get a job and start living life
4 Red aww nevermind I don't want to lock horns with you
5 Miles You kill me! I can always count on you for a laugh
6 sparks WTF you do
7 Gnome  I haven't seen a blog out of You in a long  while, Whattup?
8 Tom Thanks for the input on my last blog
9 Dangle I can always count on you for an Absurdtation or 2
10 Thad carry on comrade

Well that's all I got, I'm gonna got take a nice walk beside the Indian River and enjoy some of this beautiful weather!

Strolling in the gentle breeze

PS Lets do another flash fiction

your story must contain the words :

Thanks againF
Uploaded 10/08/2010
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