High horse

Mizuka:You heard of this magic thing called "not opening a gallery if you are not interested in it"? There is written in title what are contents.[2:22pm]

Tyaeda:i was subscribed to you, and opened the link.[2:22pm]

Mizuka:And in description I even mentioned for who it is. Oh.Woops.[2:23pm]

Tyaeda:i wanted to talk to you[2:23pm]

Mizuka:Yes?About what?[2:23pm]

Tyaeda:there's a lot of people hating on you lately, it's not really fair, but because you're so popular, you are a big targetI think a lot of people would feel better about you if you deleted your fan club[2:23pm]

Mizuka:I know that. I just ignore them.[2:24pm]

Tyaeda:and made a new topic for your galleries[2:24pm]

Mizuka:I will not do that. Anything else?[2:24pm]

Tyaeda:you don't ignore them... you just tried to call me out for my comment[2:24pm]

Mizuka:No.I just told you not to open a gallery if you do not like it.[2:24pm]

Tyaeda:i made a bad comment on your gallery and you confronted me about it[2:24pm]

Mizuka:I did not know you received a link.Yes.[2:25pm]

Tyaeda:but still... you don't ignore the hatersyou confront them[2:25pm]

Mizuka:I do.No.They keep saying I do.[2:25pm]

Tyaeda:I have nothing against you.... it's just that I think you are worthy of much better treatment.[2:25pm]

Mizuka:They also say I delete their comments.Just to annoy.[2:25pm]

Tyaeda:you post here to entertain people.... if you're not entertaining anymore, you should change[2:25pm]

Mizuka:No.[2:26pm] I do not post to entertain.[2:26pm]

Tyaeda:then why do you post? they say alot of things to annoy you, because you annoy them[2:26pm]

Mizuka:And I will not change. For fun.[2:26pm]

Tyaeda:well then the treatment you're getting isn't going to change either[2:26pm]

Mizuka:I do not care if somebody is annoyed by me.What makes you think I care about trolls hating on me?[2:26pm]

Tyaeda:and then one day ebaums is going to stop posting your FAP galleries because they know that people don't like them like they used to[2:27pm] i think you care because you confront people[2:27pm]

Mizuka:You mean, when they stop being 4 star features with over 100k views?[2:27pm]

Tyaeda:if it didn't make a difference you wouldn't ask people why they said bad things[2:27pm]

Mizuka:You take this way too serious.[2:28pm]

Tyaeda:not really... I don't really care which is why i didn't say anything until today[2:28pm]

Mizuka:Check this out:Subscribers: 1,467 2nd most subscribed 1466 are legit[2:28pm]

Tyaeda:i just noticed that there are alot of people out there who are annoyed by this FAP shit it's not a contest[2:28pm]

Mizuka:A lot trolls.I know.[2:28pm]

Tyaeda:it's about uploading quality [2:28pm]

Mizuka:But it pretty much shows that I upload quality.[2:28pm]

Tyaeda:not just trolls... poeple who are looking for originality[2:29pm]

Mizuka:2nd most subscribed, aah. [2:29pm]

Tyaeda:so what?[2:29pm]

Mizuka:Yes, you are annoyed by my galleries, I get it.[2:29pm]

Tyaeda:is that number worth more than what people think about you?[2:29pm]

Mizuka:So stop opening them or unsunscribe.I will not cry.Think about me?[2:29pm]

Tyaeda: is having more subscriptions than most people more important that being a decent ebaums user?[2:30pm]

Mizuka:What do I care if some troll hates me because of my nationality?I am decent EBW user.[2:30pm]

Tyaeda:some troll is actually lots of peoplethey are grouping[2:30pm] Mizuka:Ratings and view prove it.[2:30pm]

Tyaeda:they are trying to ruin you, and there are more and more people each day[2:30pm]

Mizuka:If you think trolls voice matters, I feel sorry for you.[2:31pm]

Tyaeda:soon enough the popular opinion will be of the trolls. people will stop subscribing, viewing, rating, [2:31pm]


Tyaeda:and then you will not be having as many features[2:31pm]

Mizuka:Wow.I do not think so.Your theory is ultra silly.[2:31pm] Tyaeda:well maybe thats your problem[2:32pm]

Mizuka:Excuse my rudeness, but it is extremely late here and I need go to bed.[2:32pm]

Tyaeda:lots of people don't like you because of FAP and the fact that you always post Asian stuff. Because of that they do not think you are original and think that you should think of something else.... they also think that this shit isn't feature worthy anymore[2:32pm]

Mizuka:You have only few features and few subscribers. You write blogs. What makes you think you know about getting subscribers and quality features?[2:33pm] So?[2:33pm]

Tyaeda:and soon the authorities at EBW will choose what hundreds of people want, over what you - one person wants[2:33pm]

Mizuka:I told you that I do not care about few people's opinion.REad the comments before feature and after trolls leave.[2:33pm]

Tyaeda:a few?[2:33pm]


Tyaeda:what about when that few people turns into everyone?[2:34pm]

Mizuka:Seriously, I do not have time for this.Have fun day.[2:34pm]

Tyaeda:You're a fucking ignorant bitch without a clue in the world. Have fun being hated by the people who once liked you, and made you as popular as you are[2:35pm]If you stop pleasing people with your features, EBW will stop featuring yousimple as that   :)



K Mizuka... you came to me a long time ago complaining about the haters. You asked me as a friend, what you should do.  I told you to ignore them... that was a mistake. Now I believe you should listen to them. Sure you have many features, many subscriptions, many ratings... but remember who gave you those ratings, those subscriptions.... if they aren't all you, you should consider what those people think of you, before everything you've worked for here, up to this point, will be for nothing. No one will like you, no one will subscribe, no one will care.  If you don't take the opinion of the general public into consideration, the higher ups at EBW will. They will side with their ad viewers much faster than they will side with you.... they are using you to entertain their viewers.... if you stop entertaining they have no use for you.  This is something you must understand.

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