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    pg. 4

The comparison of 'drugs to 'marijuana':The drug money you get from selling may get you cool things. While smoking weed makes the things you already have seem cooler.

    pg. 8

What an enchanting woman; I hope to fuck her one day.

    pg. 10

As colorful, bright sound waves touch and slide by my ears so slightly, I always manage to squeeze out one more. The literation is just that beautiful. My multitasking is as dull as foot steps... What an inverted, unknown explosion, ... Tweak... Inquire with a shift of the head. To yourself, you must question an outrageous, ingenius, taintful, fulfilling, constructive, reprived, disgusting, incredible, foretold, toe-twitching, sacred theory ever to be thought, and inspired by an Acid Trip. Default!! Default I say! I can only excremate those chemicals, which were born to me, by bodily accord.

    pg. 11

A complete orbe of Ki, an exhilirating shot of evaporated dew up the nose; and witnessing the gigantic, transparent green leaves against The Sun, you are stoned, baked, fried, toasted, boggled!! That she is.

    pg. 20


A shameful disgrace.

An illgotten notion.

A now-or-never.

A plea.

From me,

Or slap my face.

I might not give a Damn.

I must live to swim deeply in these layers of


    pg. 29

And The God said: "One day, the Naked Horse shall ride in his eternal rage. Never waiting for The Earth, he will live to see a damned planet of an ignorant race of people whom so destructively refuse wrong from right. So that in the end, our Ki can ruin other perfectly preserved planets, to deprive everybody of the knowledge so greatly earned, effectively recreating a savage, ungrateful mortality... " The Sister Moon will cry that faithless night; no one shall mistake The Earth's beautiful tsunamis. Love will hold back no Theo.

    pg. 35

What can change the unturning, uneventful feelings in my Mind? What is the coccoon of caterpillar? Must I keep myself in ever-capacitation?

This would be about the time I have a cigarette.

    pg. 35

Live WITH the influence.

    pg. 44

Head-banging astronaut with his apple and Pepto-Bismal loves me!

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