Hippie Retards Know Shit About Music

You probably know at least one of these idiots who keep whining about how the currently popular music is terrible and it's nothing like the amazing, creative and artistic music from the past. Ironically, when you ask them for an example of such music, they usually mention shit bands like Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd. Let's compare these bands with the current music standards and draw a conclusion on how retarded smelly (pot junkie) hippies that listen to that crap are.

Black Sabbath

LMAO! Look at these hobos! The singer is barely understandable and looks like he has ass burgers. The guitarist basically plays the same 3 chords looped for the riff. The song is slow and reminds a karaoke made by a drunkard. You might be shocked, but this band was actually popular (!) in the 1970s. 

The Beatles

If you ever asked yourself the question "Could there be anything gayer than Justin Bieber?" then the answer would be: The Beatles. This one isn't as bad as the previous band, but after a few moments, you'll realise that the vocalists are terrible and look like total dorks. Bowl cuts? Seriously? Another thing is their music is... not theirs. The Beatles stole the music from black people in America and performed it in England. The catch here is that black bands in those times weren't something tolerated by the society, because racism was a common thing then. Since The Beatles were white, the music they've stolen and performed badly became popular. There was many shit copy bands like the Beatles later, The Verve and Oasis, to name a few. All had a common theme - dorks with bowl cuts performing "black music" terribly. Following the trend, Elvis Prestley stole Rock And Roll from black people, Vanilla Ice stole rap from black people and Neil Armstrong stole jazz from black people.

Led Zeppelin

Another typical hippie band, this one a one hit phenomenon. Like Sisco's Thong song or Who Let The Dogs Out? by that band nobody cares about, Led Zeppelin had Stairway To Heaven and that basically their only song people normally heard of. No? Name another one. Exactly. Another thing is they sing about drugs, which promotes the hippie life style of a pot/heroin junkie.

Pink Floyd

When you hear this song, you probably ask yourself the question "why is this terrible band popular?" That's easy, they are opportunists. They made a song for the end of the Cold War that became an official anthem. They sing about the breaking of the Berlin Wall somewhere in the 80s. The song is catchy but seriously, if your song was chosen to be an anthem for something, you'd expect higher quality stuff, like Shakira's Wakka Wakka for the Soccer World Cup or Jennifer Lopez's Let's Get Loud for something similar, who gives a shit what occasion it was. Probably another stupid soccer championship gay people enjoy.

Now compare the shit bands above to, for example, Nicki Minaj.

What do you hear and see? First off, her voice. You can hear her modulate it a lot. She has an incredibly wide range and knows how to use it, applying a lot of melody, timbre play and legato tricks and not sticking to one boring theme. You can also see the visual work for the video is not only creative, but esthetic. The vocalist is very pretty, if not gorgeous. The colors draw your eye. When you put the whole thing together, you notice what? Quality! A lot of work from the producers, song writers and the artist herself. Instead of hearing boring, repetitive shit like Black Sabbath, you get a complex composition with a mixed variety of music genres, sounding very original and unlike a specific band already on the market. It's not a one hit song artist because EVERY song Nicki Minaj records becomes a worldwide hit (Starships, Pound The Alarm, Turn Me On), unlike Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd. And of course, you get an amazing artist that's interesting and attractive, unlike the nerdy Beatles. It's amazing how some hippie pot head could even compare such shit to Nicki Minaj saying the bands used to be better decades ago. That's another argument for the harmful effects of marijuana on the human brain.

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