Hit and Run

 last night I was sitting in my room playing my ps3 and new video game i got for christmas. when i here this big bang! I had no idea what is was, and then i here my dad yell Josh come here quick, so i did. He said look out the window. as I look out i see a white car in the side of a different car. then the white car tried to take off but they didn't have it in gear so the car was just sitting there. when he finally got it in gear he backed up and took off. My dad called the cops right away and 30 seconds later a Cop car took off down the road in the direction that the white car just went seconds before. about 5 minutes later a cop showed up at our door and asked my dad some questions.

my dad went to work today and when he got home he told me a story about how a man that he works with came up to him and said " John I got into some trouble last night" so he told my father the story about how he was at the bar and was leaving when he hit black ice and slid into a car and took off. turns out it was the same person that we saw last night. the cops followed him home were he got a shit load of tickets. my dad didn't tell him he was the one who called the cops. true story really funny I'd say tell me what you think.


Uploaded 12/28/2009
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