Hitler, Abortion and Criminality

There was a trial conducted at Nuremberg after the second world war that prosecuted Nazi's for conducting abortions. The conclusion of the prosecutors was this.   The Tribunal had stated: "The acts and conduct, as set forth in this Judgment, and as substantially charged inthe indictment ["encouraging and compelling abortions "] constitute crimes against humanity... and... war crimes."

The trial condemned the Nazi use of abortion for one of two reasons or both: 1) Only because the abortions were done for racial-genocidal reasons. 2) Only because the abortions were forced or pressured.

The Nazis performed abortions through RuSHA for two reasons:1) To keep women available as slave labor. These abortions were forced and pressured and, most certainly, they compromised women's liberty and deeply violated their privacy.2) To slow down Eastern (Slavic) reproduction. Here we see that the Nazis saw abortion as an act of killing. They would, so to speak, nip a lifein the bud.

Lets overlap the act of abortion as described here as crimes against humanity in our current society.

The letter of the law, "encouraging or compelling abortion" could certainly be an argument to prosecute many institutions like Planned Parenthood or individuals like Barrack Obama, who is all for killing babies who survive abortion.  However, it was the intention of the Nazi's that made the act a war crime. 

The Nazi's wanted to eliminate socially undesirable individuals from the human race, to accomplish this they felt certain people and races should be aborted to that end. As criminal as  that idea has become, it still has merit over, " I just don't want it" or "It's my body, so I'll decide". 

I imagine some of those Nazi's were quite convincing when determined that certain individuals should not have babies. But how far did they need to go? It was war time, little food, their lives sucked and they were enslaved. Pretty compelling reasons not to have kids, much more so then an ass hat of a boyfriend who threatens to leave a girl if she has a "Fucking kid" or "It'll make me look fat".  Force can be overt and direct or it can be subtle and indirect. The decision to have an abortion by an individual who feels, "Forced" depends on the person, their desires, needs and situation. It can be forced through embarrassment or at the point of a gun. 

The Nazis wanted the women not to become pregnant so they could continue being slave labour. Well, if you look around the world there are many examples of women who don't want a baby because they don't make enough money at their jobs. The Nazi example is more disgusting, especially if you consider many of those women who were enslaved were probably raped by their masters. Still, citing economic reality as the reason for an abortion is insidious as our desires, costs and consumptions rise. 

So the Nazis wanted to slow down Slavik reproduction and that made abortion a war crime. Sounds solid to me. As the world population increases do we not take measures to slow it down?  The passing out of contraception like it was candy is certainly a way to slow down the growth of population. There are even some examples all around the world and to this day of people who are either forced to take contraceptives, have their uterisis's ripped out of them or are unknowingly sterilized. Why is encouraging or compelling abortions on one ethnicity of people criminally wrong, but doing the same on the whole human race acceptable? 

Yes indeed, the carrying out of abortions for wrong headed or selfish purposes is morally wrong, criminally wrong and a crime against humanity. It does not matter whether a Nazi forces you or because you'll lose your figure. 

Source: Records of the United States Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, United Statesof America v. Greifelt et al. (Case VIII), October 10, 1947-March 10, 1948; theNational Archives, Washington, D.C.
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