Hmmmm politickin

Damn i love reading the political blogs on here. Yes there are stupid things said over and over again  but it is nice that everyone can be heard(although some shouldnt). Yes this site has gone downhill alot over the few months since the change  and there have been quiet a few trogs on here talking bullshit and being stupid but it is nice to see that not everyone left. I dont want to get into the Obama talk becuase you cant be right about him becuase everyone has their own opinion about him   being it he is wrong about all he is doing  or that he is jebus himself  come to save us all. I am just glad i have a job in this shitty time and can come online and talk to other people about how our country is doing.  This blog was done in reponse to  wallboy's last blog. After seeing all the talk about Obama and how he is doing i just am glad that there is a place where people can talk about how they feel about him and not ge too much shit about their own views. I dont care about what anyone thinks about me or my own beliefs  but when a person or group of people come out and declare that my views are wrong and i am stupid for believing in them or that i have to conform to what they want to  that is when i get pissed of  becuase no matter what a person is entitled to their own views on everything (no matter what it is or how stupid i think it is).  Well i am going off to go and molest some dead bodies  you all have fun and all that jazz.

Uploaded 04/13/2009
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