Holidays from hell (Tunisia)

Arrived at Tour Khalef late in the evening for a 10 day All Inclusive holiday with extended family which included 6 adults and 3 small children. Lobby area was well presented.We all checked in and were shown to our rooms. Walking to our room (No 2010) we found the corridor dark musty with the carpets thread bare in places and in need of a clean.Our room was in a similar condition with torn curtains, a piece of carpet under the beds which had seen better days. The room was on the ground floor, outside the patio door was a garden with furniture and clothes dryers strewn randomly on the lawn plus a discarded metal fence leaning up against a bush.The bathroom was also in a poor state of repair. Very disappointed with our room, we met back at reception with our family to relax after a long day of travelling to find their two rooms were in a similar state on the 5th floor main building (No 3513, 3514).In addition they also had mould on the shower curtains, loose balcony railings in both rooms. One of the rooms looked as if it had not been cleaned at all with hair on the floor, red powdered makeup on the sideboard and a sick stain on the carpet.One of our party complained to reception about the mouldy shower curtain and was told to wait in the room. After one hour no one appeared.Due to the late hour we decided to return to the room and talk to our tour rep in the morning at the welcome meeting.I Was woken up by a crawling sensation on my skin only to discover that myself and the bed was covered in bed bugs and ants. Horrified I ran to the shower.I took photos of the ants on the bed. Unfortunately I missed the photo oppurtunity with the bed bugs as the scarpered at the first sign of light although I have a photo of the bites on my body.As this point I went to the rooms where the rest of the party was staying only to discover that had been kept awake until 4.30am from the noise of the disco opposite. It was 6.30am and they only had just a couple of hours sleep.We decided to wait to speak to the rep as we had doubts that the hotel reception would be able to resolve our issues.Went to breakfast to discover a fine selection of pickled and cooked vegetables and a broken coffee machine.We met our Thomson holdiay rep, and explained everything that had happened backed up by video and photos. She was very helpful and sympathetic and arranged for us to be transfered to the Hotel Marhaba Club that morning.Once the rep had left the hotel, the manager called my sister and I into his office to try to convince us to move rooms. He was aware of noise from the disco and offered to move us 5 floors up. We thanked him for his generosity and returned to retrive our cases to leave.While in our room two members of hotel staff came in with a copper canister and proceeded to spray the room without warning with what appeared to be insecticide. We immediately asked them to leave and let us finish collecting our belongings.On arrival at the Marhaba Club Hotel we were given a complementary drink while they prepared our rooms and found the hotel and staff were completely different.In short the Tour Khalef Hotel did not meet the standards that would be expected of a 4 star hotel. As we had three rooms between us one can only assume this is not a one off incident and appears to be representative of the hotel in general.

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