Holy-er than thou????????

 OK this might be a hard read so get your Bocoder rings out.

I have been accused of this on ebaums before and I never understood the reason, really I can it was because of politics and my wife told me(beotch always telling me something) it is my attitude about things. Explain please I asked....."When you are expressing your opinions then you will listen to the other person and then act as if you don't agree with them" Answer... Look if I state my opinion and it is not the same as yours well excuse me but I am not here to defend YOUR opinion, I am here to state my opinion and I will not help you with yours and if that makes ME "Holy er than thou' then I will accept that.


I think it comes from life lessons (being older) or as some of you like to remind me OLD AS HELL. lol Look guys my bones hurt more and I cant see as well and when I punch a guy he may go down but my hand hurts for three damn days. So if I come across as "holy er than thou" let me have that one. lol lol I am writing about this because my daughters baby-daddy said I was "holy er than thou" because I said if you are going to spit kids out then GET A JOB, and if your not going to work at least stop borrowing money from me. If this jerk keeps it up I am going to take him some apples to his house.


Even though Blue tried to steal my ending line thanks for reading Bohank


PS......... Bless you my children

Uploaded 11/16/2008
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