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As you get older you become more concerned with the world and I am not saying younger people dont care but most of the time they think about poopy and dipping their dick in something and that is why as you get older you are more concerned with what is going on in the world, well because poopy is too hard and the other is not hard enough (not me you understand). So here is what just keeps on pissing me off, my brother who is one of the most patriotic people out there and has a much much better handle on politics than I do is so tied up in his own beliefs that he condemns the very thing he is screaming about. Example.....he is so angry with our president that he is going to get a sign and put it in his yard that says "IF YOU VOTED OBAMA YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!!!" It makes me want to post a small sign under his that says FREE SPEECH IS OFF LIMITS!!! He is like so many conservative/republicans he screams free speech and then shuts you out of his house if you disagree with him. STOP, WAIT, you fucking liberals you guys are just as bad, you just say the stupidest shit I have ever heard when anybody has the nerve to question the O GREAT Obama........."well he is better than Bush" or if we disagree with Obama on something else your number two stupidest comment comes out "get over it Obama won". I have said it many times it isn't that Obama won its just he didn't lose and that only means that we lost. BETTER than BUSH??? That is not saying anything because Bush is a moot point!!! Instead of "better than Bush" how about we try to "DO BETTER" and it needs to start with us questioning our leaders on spending. Yes I know its hard to question somebody on spending when he is spending it on everybody. I swear to God this is getting more and more like when some college kid gets a hold of a parents credit card and all is good until mom and dad find out.


Now before you anti-Obama people start praising my comments I want you to know this I AM NOT AGAINST OBAMA, what I am against is allowing ANY elected official go on spending unchecked and that is what is going on. When Bush was president he did the same thing and then he took away our right to free speech by calling us UNPATRIOTIC when we disagreed with him and now we are anti-American or better yet we are racist when we question Mr.Obama. There is something that both political parties want us to do and that is to keep putting the blame on the other guy and and to keep fighting amongst ourselves and as long as we keep doing that we will not notice what they are up to, and they keep right on spending and we keep right on fighting because after all he is better than Bush.......right....or is he?


Now you say there is nothing we can do?????? I think a REAL good start is to just be aware because although the republicans and the democrats are the only two real parties out there, there are a WHOLE lot more of us, people who stand right smack dab in the MIDDLE. It is not only our right its our damn responsibility to keep putting them to the question. DO NOT LET UP!!!!!!

Thank you for reading and I hope you got all the way through Bohank




Uploaded 06/28/2009
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