Horror Movies Made Better By Americans

Recently they were playing the Japanese version of One Missed Call on TV and I watched it out of boredom. I watched the American remake twice and as a horror movie expert, I know that there's no other country better in production of amazing horror movies than USA, maybe other than Korea. But Japan is a total failure when it comes for scary movies.

You might have watched the original Ring which is an exception and probably the only Japanese horror movie that was better as the original than the American remake. It's funny how so many people say that the Japanese horror movies are so different and original than the American ones and that Hollywood should learn from Japan. It's usually some ignorant weeaboo who says that.

Almost all of the horror movie genres were invented in America. The scary doll (like Chucky, for example), the demon possession (Exorcist) or a maniac killer (Friday the 13th) are all Hollywood ideas. Name me one original Japanese idea for a movie? Oh yeah, the ghost of a girl (how original) like in.... oh yeah, 97% of the Japanese horror movies.

After watching the Japanese One Missed Call I noticed that it lacks the special effects and acting quality that the Korean and American horror genres represent. Almost every Japanese horror movie has actors that act like they never went to an acting school. The stiff acting usually ruins the effect. Another thing is Japanese horror movies are long, boring and filled with unnecessary dialogues. The ending usually doesn't make sense, either.

I noticed that the fad for adapting Japanese movies for American cinema is currently passe. Even though Hollywood has remade some movies into master pieces (like the aforementioned One Missed Call), original concepts like Hellraiser or Gremlins are the type of horror movie that doesn't follow any cliche and is masterfully done, with coherent plot, original idea and appropriate acting.

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