Horrorfreak's Top 10 Picks For 2010

There have been a lot of great videos uploaded to this site over the course of this year, so many in fact that its hard to choose just 10 that are my favorite but none the less here they are:

1. Boob Apron

This is an amazing parody of the infomercial for a stupid product called the "boob apron". This guy pretty much says what we all were thinking when we saw the commercial, no doubt its my favorite video of 2010.

2. Hilarious Minority Commentary

This guy has a golden voice just like that homeless man, With your help he can become a sports announcer.

3. eBaumsworld User Video

Now this is a list for the top 10 videos on ebaumsworld, of course the user video had to make it! This video was being put together at the start of the year and was eventually finished in august. It is awesome how so many members of this site contributed a video.

4. Cat massages boobs

Cats and boobs in the same video, what more could you want?

5. Using your RapeFear FantasMask

This is another commercial parody but instead of it being funny its creepy as hell. The music is just chilling and really changes the mood of this commercial.

6. Ace Ventura Saves A Guinea Pig

Im a huge fan of the Ace Ventura movies (well except for that crappy ace vantura jr. made for TV movie that came out in2009) but none the less when I saw this I just couldnt get enough of it.

7. You're Invited To a Dance Party

How can someone not love this video, his dancing is hilarious and he knows it. You could really take any 3 seconds of his dancing and it would make an awesome gif

8. MacDreidel gets robbed (roach clip 14)

Now who doesnt want to see a homeless man rob a mod? I know I sure do, and to make things even better there is a second part to this video:
Dont you just love original content.

9. Who the Fuck Is Justin Bieber?

This video has only been up for a messily 4 weeks but its still one of the greatest videos of this year. Maybe with enough drugs we can all forget who justin bieber is as well.

10. Im The WOO

This video just had to make my top 10, Ric Flair is just awesome. WOO!

I hope you enjoyed my top 10 best videos for 2010 on ebaumsworld. Lets hope next year will bring just as many great videos to pick from.

Uploaded 01/13/2011
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