Hot to fix female oldy but goody*updated*haha

Dislclaimer....DO NOT READ if you get offended.I can not stress that enough.   Here The topic is Fixing the female cutter.

   Sounds good till You consider how much feminist whine about other women's plight . surely if their scabs hurt them they would protest a lot more things having not had their own trouble. I will now try to fix the Lesbiantic feminal complanious cutticus ( The Feminist cutter). First of all I disagree with any feminist who disagrees with me. with that said  we can move on . I do not hate feminists , just the liberal ones. 

Addressing the Problem and accepting Your role in this.

   Do You consider yourself a lesbian ,errr ahem I mean feminist? Do you cut ? If yes to both Please Read on. If yes to either then read along because those two usually walk hand and hand.That means you don't know you are a lesbian ummm err I mean feminist.If you are worrying about someone you care about and don't want to see them end up looking like gym teacher please read this for their sake. The Goal.

  I will make you Straight again.and a republican on top of that totally for free.You will stop cutting and realize suicide doesn't count as cutting and the dead cant be feminists so one way or another I am offering a 100% guaranteed method for fixing your L.F.C.C.....

How to solve the problem of L.F.C.C.

    I guess I could raise your morale and support you emotionally till you feel confident enough in your situation to change it for the better. Or I can help You either Cut properly or give up the butch feminist act. The only way to cut Properly was posted a while back on this very live journal so I will recap quickly

1. Find a good death spot.

2. Get something sharp or consider the idea of chewing.(a lot)

3. Locate the neck or search below your chins.

4.Now cut till you see chop meat.

5. If you completed the first four steps and can still read....

congratulations you have 30 seconds to live and I won. you will soon no longer be either a cutter or a feminist.You too puppet boy.Ok that solved the Avid cutters amongst the L.F.C.C. So now the ones who just do it to get attention. You know who you are.Now If  you don't care about the technique of cutting just give up people can already see at first glance you are a sad misunderstood..Maybe u need to lower your date the mentally ill.That would boost your ego having one say how smert u r and letting wipe the slop from his chin and forehead when he consumes. There no more need to cut I feel better about this allready.realy I'm helping a lot of people .

Soo at this point you no longer cut and have a nice slow boyfriend. Give him half an hour to read this and then make him read another time (let the slow bastard feel important). Now to fix The feminist problem

You know Your votes wont count right?

wether or not it's admitted no one listens to a feminist . That is why their protest signs need pictures half the time and the other half LARGE TEXT AM I RIGHT!?? yes. yes I am.ok so If you are still alright being a feminist then I need you to come to my training camp .I will have all the feminists who didn't get fixed by this article rounded up and used to keep my trees healthy.But that wont happen I know I fixed you all so we can all rejoice.

Matt the leader of the zombies. I dont care how you try to make it seem less creepy.But puppets are gay..... pedophileHahahah

Matt    Did blue come back yet?

 *update* Hahaha Eric !! I missed you...Haha..You look alot like a butch lesbian man...Doesn't he people?? Like some kind of nasty little lesbian??? Yes ,Yes you do....I missed our talks, how is your family?Becase it would be creepy to make dollys if you didnt have a child right? Can gay people adopt in florida?You should know... I am off.. HA your icon is soo gay looking.....Hahahaha...
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