How are polls conducted?

I'm trying to figure out who votes in the polls that dictate who is currently ahead in terms of popularity for the upcoming presidential election.  Are the participants registered and past voters?  I know some polls are online, but they seem to have an obvious bias towards those with internet access.  My reason for asking is that only 44% of black households have internet access.

also, if it's only registered voters, then now that only 38.09% of blacks turned out to vote in 2004.  the nat'l turnout rate was 54.3% including the lower black turnout rate.  which means non-blacks had a turnout rate of higher than 54.3% to make that the average.  Assuming that blacks represent their portion of the nation in the same proportions as non-blacks (54.3%, which is predicted to be even more than that for this election), and if the statistics that are coming out that 98% of blacks will vote for Obama are true, and if the polls aren't accounting for these blacks that did not vote in the past or that don't have internet access, Obama is set to win by a landslide. 

I'm not trying to turn this into a race issue, others have already done that far past the point it should have gone to.  But I do want to have a realistic view of these polls.  Depending on how these polls are conducted, we may already know who the next president is.

In short, does anyone know who are the population of the polls?

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