How can people be so mean?

What goes through people's minds when they say something so heartless or do something horrible. For instance, cncman or whatever, might as well as punched adraline in the face. She made a blog about her dog and how she felt like she abandoned it when she did the best thing she could have. He went on saying that it was just a dog and he doesn't care if his dog dies or whatever. Then he lied when he said that he lived in a nice family with people that love him, if that was true then we wouldn't be such a heartless douchebag. There's a time to joke around and there's a time to be serious and respectful of people. cncman, you will always be a douchebag, I don't care what you do, what you say, you will always be a heartless, inconsiderate, monster. ROT IN FUCKING HELL YOU FAGGOT, IF YOU DON'T SHOW ANY REMORSE FOR ANYTHING'S LIFE!!! I would feel bad if you died, although only slightly do to the fact that your a horrible person. Now your probably going to think that i'm wrong, and you'll try to convince yourself that your not a monster, but you are. You are horrible. I literally cried when I read Adraline's blog and I just stared in awe when I read him just show no remorse for her dog or his own for that matter. Give your dog away to a new owner, because that dog doesn't need to be around a person like you. I don't care if you write that you were joking, I know it will be a lie, you really don't care about your dog or her dog and that's how you always will be. Don't be surprised if no one shows up at your funeral.

I am sorry about what happened Adraline and I just thought that someone should say something about this guy.


Uploaded 08/28/2008
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