How did you survive your freshman year?

     I have just started my Freshman year of highschool 1 week ago.

It is total hell. whats messed up is we only have these thin lockers that can only hold 1 book. Also due to (school violence) freshman and sophmores are seperated from the juniors and seniors by 3 blocks in 2 diffrent buildings.

Also i have to get up at 6am every morning to catch the bus school dosent start until 8:30.

Anyways I have to walk to the highschool right after lunch in 100+ degrees.(i hate oklahoma)

And carry my binder's, theater books and science books. at once in 5 minutes. Your first absent is 3 page report, 2nd absent 6 page report call to home, 3rd absent detention for the next month,4th absent suspened for 2 weeks.


Also the teachers apprently have websites where they post there homework. But they dont want to tell us the websites they acuse us of trying to steal there information and send us to the principle. So if we miss a day of school its basically 6 0s for the day.

So to sum it up highschool sucks and I ask how did you guys/girls survive?



UPDATE: okay i dont have a problem making friend i dont have zits or anything i know the whole be yourself thing doing it for years and my friends take theater so not much of a problem (especially when theater give you double credits and power to be freshaman officer which entiles me to be basically SCHOOL hall moniter.) but what im asking is what was your year like how did you deal with lockers the tiem between classes and keep your social life intact

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