How Does Your Clitoris Work?

I choose the title in this blog not to be vulgar or misleading. It was actually assigned homework in my son's University. He attends Carleton University here in Ontario and is majoring in psychology.The class was Women's Studies professed by a proudly gay woman.

When she first introduces herself she glibly displays all her body hair, championing the idea to the sixty or so women in the class, that they should never shave any hair from their body parts. She is a rather hairy, hard, large and homely looking lady, so my son was quite shocked and disgusted. 

For the first two months of the course the focus has been on telling her captive audience how terrible white males are. There are six males in the class my son being the only white one. Whenever Professor Wiener makes a point against the white male, all the females look at my son with a scornful glow.  

This week the class was about the clitoris and why it is better than a penis. Professor Harry Legs actually tells the males in the class that they should get sex change operations because the penis is a disgusting appendage. At the end of class she told the students that their homework would be to study how their clitoris works. Of course, my son is at a considerable disadvantage. Perhaps he can ask a friend if he can examine how their clitoris works? Co-ed, you gotta love it!

Last year my son was pretty discouraged because what he was being taught was either obvious, ideologically charged  or complete bullshit. He wanted to drop out because he felt he was wasting his money.  I explained to him if he wants to be a psychologist, he will just have to play along and pay his dues. At some point, perhaps his last years after spending thousands of dollars, the university will actually teach him something and then he will be able to help people. He was very reluctant, but stuck with it.
After taking the course in Women's Studies, I think he realizes that sometimes it is not the lectures that teach us, but the reactions of people to them and how easily they can be manipulated. He looks forward to the class now, to learn just how much BS his fellow students will swallow. I asked him if I could sneak into the class to witness this incredible manifestation. He said, " Yeah dad, a two hundred pound, older white male would go  unnoticed, totally inconspicuous". 

There are many ways to look at life. Find one that suits you, but just once in a while look at things from a different perspective. You might find something very enlightening.

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