How Far Are You Ready To Go???

This is a letter I read, from someone who is Muslim. Someone that was ready to die for her religion. It was moving, and it touched me. Since it was made public, I will translate it here for you.

What is important is to understand that people go too far, and then... people that wouldn't act normally like this will follow. that's the difference between a leader and a follower. I'm against the leaders, the followers are just simply at the wrong place, at the wrong time. They simply do whatever they can to be alive. I understand that. This is my fifth and last installement on this subject. The letter's original language is french, if you want reference... i will post a link once i find it in my comments.

here goes :

''I am an arab woman. I lived through the civil war for religion, and I was a soldier. I have seen and heard atrocities. my own brother was injured, and shot right under my eyes, because of religion. If I fought this war, it's because I was ready to give my life away, to be a kamikaze... at the age of 13, for my religion. In other words, I'm very well placed to see what religion can and can't do.

I read the story about the girl who got kicked out of class because she would keep her niqab. It touched me, I mean, how far are we ready to go? To keep our face masked from the rest of the world, in the name of comprehension, and acceptance. As a woman, I look at the woman's right and conditions throughout the world. I can only cry, woman are force to cover their faces under the penalty of death, in some cases... just to show an example.

You are lucky to live in a country that will not throw stones, burn you, beat you for trying to stand up for your own right of freedom of choice. I do not mind that you wear the burqa, or the niqab. It is your choice of freedom to do so. Although, you need to understand that different places have different values. You go take a picture for your driving's license, reveal yourself. You go vote, reveal yourself. You have no right to impose your beliefs in a land that believes differently. Especially if that land allows you to believe in your own values.

Are we any better, do we allow tourists, women from other countries to come to ours, and reveal their faces? No we do not, we even attack them. We get insulted that they believe in something different. I say enough is enough. These countries that accept us worldwide, they compromised... they compromised a lot. Let's show them the respect they deserve and show them how thankfull we are of letting us the freedom of choice to not cover our faces, or to cover them if we wish to.

I now know who I am... I am a woman, I treat my body like a temple. I even celebrate my feminity, with pride. I am also proud of my arabic heritage... but I am proud to be Canadian

Thank you for allowing me the freedom to write and publish this letter

Mrs Layoun'


Ok this is it, for reference, you can change details like the fact that she's proud of being Canadian, to american, or australian, or british... I don't care, that's not my point.

My point is, if some of us are fighting back against them, it's for the following reason. Not to shun them, or bring them down, or to be racist. But to remind them that we are gracious, with our hospitality, and our acceptance... and not to cross that line between diversity, and assimilation of your very own host.

Like i said, this is my last installement on this subject, I think i've covered enough angles of it. To post any more on this subject would simply make me look frustrated. I am asking this, we are here to stay. I will open the door to a neighboor in need, but I will not become vegetarian because he disaproves it... I will offer a vegetarian menu and even be curious about it. Please though, don't try and convince me to become one... I love my meat and i love my country, I will never force my gf to wear a mask because another nation is against my beliefs. ALTHOUGH, I will let their woman do so, within the acceptable context.

Acceptance goes both ways


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