How gay Canadians have sex

After a hard day's work, the typical gay Canadian goes to a gay bar. He makes sure nobody follows him there, and that it's in a part of town where he is not likely to be recognized.

He sits there, orders a Cosmopolitan and just chills for a bit. He engages in casual conversations with other men and has a few laughs. After seeing that not much is happening there and that happy hour is up, he pays for his Cosmopolitan and leaves.

He drives all the way back to his delightfully decorated home while singing along to his pop records. He orders Chinese, he showers than eats his takeaway food while watching Will and Grace. He then wears tight jeans, a loose shirt with a large "V" collar, Converse shoes, a pack of condoms flavored as he fancies and goes to a gay club. 

When he gets there he dances a bit than gets acquainted with potential "partners". After meeting one that is on the same wavelength as he is, he goes to his new encounters place. 

They then engage in fellatio and sodomy. After the act of intercourse is over, he leaves his phone number on the fridge and says "see ya later alligator eh!" He drives home with a satisfied grin on his face while trying not to hit raccoons. He then goes to bed feeling glad about being a part of the Canadian gay scene.


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