How good are your morals?

This is a series of questions  to test your morals add or subtract points as shown in the () and then look a the bottom for your score. 

  1. An old lady is standing on the side of a busy street. You a. walk her across the street(+3) b. do nothing(-1) c. act like you are walking her across then throw her into oncoming traffic(-10) 
  2. You find a $100 bill on the street. You a. donate it to charity(+4) b. spend it on yourself(0) c. buy drugs with it and then sell the drugs to small children making a $200 profit (-6)
  3. Your girlfriend leaves you. You a. ask her why and promise to make up to her (+2) b. start screaming back and forth with her (-2) c. smack that bitch down (-4)
  4. You are fighting in a war and a live grenade falls in your trench with your buddies. You a. jump on it sacrificing youself to save them (+15) b. run (0) c. shove it in your buddie's backpack and then laugh as his organs rain on your fellow comrades (-6)
  5. You see a woman getting mugged. You a. distract the muggers as she runs (+5) b. run away(-1) c. join in and kill everybody with your trusty hatchet and then make a nice hat out of the woman's scalp(-12)
  6. Your girlfriend is pregnant with your child after breaking up with your sorry ass. You a. be and active part of the child's life (+4) b. just pay child support (0) c. dig out the fetus with a rusty coat hanger (-8)
  7. A homeless man asks you for some money. You a. give him new clothes, food, money, and a temporary place to stay until he gets a job and a place of his own (+10) b. throw him a dime so he leaves you alone (+1) c. call over other homeless people and then have bystanders bet on fights as the homeless fight over sandwiches laced with rat poison (-7)
  8. You get raped. You a. try to help the rapist with his problems and get him therapy (+7) b. call the cops (0) c. rape him death with a tree trunk (-4)
  9. A orhpanage is built in your town. You a. make large donations (+3) b. do nothing (0) c. walk in fully armed, kill everybody and then sell their body parts on ebay (-15)
  10. You are given immortality, but if you allow yourself to be tortured for your infinetly long lifespan everybody will live in a utopia with no fighting or wars. You a. let yourself get tortured for the good of mankind (+20) b. do nothing, but sit on your ass all day answering stupid questionaires (0) c. enslave humanity making them your sex slaves and target practice (-20)

66=Living Saint

65-21=Pure Heart



(-11)-(-20)= Dick

(-20)-(-50)= John Wayne Gacy

(-50)-(-85)= Pure Evil

(-86)= A terrible experiment that resulted in a horrific monster made out of 86 dead babies.


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