How hard is it to close the door ALL the way?????

So I found a dog at work about 2 weeks ago. A cute white, curly-haired, happy-go-lucky, car-chasing pup. I asked my boyfriend if we could take him in until we either found him a new home or he grew on us, and he agreed. Once he met the dog, he decided it would be a wonderful dog for his daughter. And it was. Oh, they played and laughed and she would whine about him licking her and she would chase him with the hose and it was happiness...

Then I came home from work last night with my cousin who sleeps on our couch. The recently cool weather was more than enough reason to bring the dog in and let him sleep in the living room. I would have let him sleep in my bedroom, but my cat who hates him, Jack-Jack, well... he hates the dog.  So I left the dog in the living room and went to bed at 630am.

I get up at about noon and stumble into the shower. My cousin isn't on the couch at this point, which is normal, so I assume the dog must be secure in the back yard. I rinse off in the shower and cllimb back into bed for a couple hours. My boyfriend gets up about 20 minutes before I do and informs me the dog is nowhere to be found. "Fucked Up Dog," as we've been calling him (he eats his own poo... hence the name), isn't in the house or backyard. So we start questioning the cousin and the Mexican who live with us. Both start blaming the other.

The Mexican says that the cousin left early this morn with his ex girlfriend and was the last one to see the dog and that the mexican woke up an hour later (which would be 11:30am) to find the front door open. Not knowing that the dog was in the house to begin with, he closes the door, pees, and goes back to his siesta.

The Cousin says the mexican was awake when he left with said ex and could have closed the door behind him if he noticed it was open, then goes on to say that our door could have been pushed open by the dog, by my other cat, or even with a strong gust of wind.

Right now, I don't particularily give two shits who's to blame. I'm pissed that they weren't paying attention and that the dog is gone. Sure, they alerted the neighbors, who said they saw the dog, but didn't know it was ours, but unless the shelters have the dog, he's gone. Now, my boyfriend and I get to explain to his daughter why her new puppy is no longer here. We didn't even get the chance to dye him blue like we'd planned. I'm seether anger. I need cheeseburgers to calm down. Lots of cheeseburgers.

Uploaded 06/12/2009
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