How harmful is Marijuana?

There are a lot of people out there who keep saying that Marijuana is completely harmless and no one has ever died from it. These people are talking out their asses! They dont really know what they are talking about.

The only way they would truly know what they are talking about is if they have done extensive research on illegal drugs. But they havent. They only know what their friends think and that they have not heard them mention any thing on the news in their own home town, that someone has died from smoking pot. Even if someone did die from it, the police and Doctors would not release that fact to the news media.

People say: Well Marijuana makes you hungry and makes you forget everything, but it does not really harm you. Well, have you ever considered why it makes you forgetful and hungry? Maybe because it is trying to show you a sign of some adverse affects it is having on you.

If you are not a Doctor, you have no right to say that Marijuana has no bad affects on you. Because you dont know! Even if you are a doctor and you have done a little research on it and cannot find any ill effects on any of your patients who smoke it, you still dont know all there is to know about it.

If you are a Doctor and you want to prove that Marijuana is completely harmless then you will have to spend the next ten years reading every medical journal you can find, interviewing other Doctors, drug rehab counselors and people who smoke it regularly. Then you will have to perform about 100 autopsies on people who have died after smoking weed regularly, then you will have to give about 1,000 people a full exam before and after they smoke a few joints. The exam will have to include a CAT scan, MRI, Brain scan, DNA analysis, Blood test, cutting the patients open to examine their liver, lungs, Heart, Brain and Muscle tissues and putting everything under a microscope. Then you will have to have other people help out with the research. You will also have to give all the patients a physical fitness test to see if their muscles still function equally as well as they did before using marijuana. Then give everyone an IQ test before and after they do it. Then check their sperm cells and Ovaries, make sure it did not affect those either. That would only be getting started on your research.

You cant say Marijuana is completely harmless anyway, because, everything is harmful in some way: The air you breathe is harmful. If you breathed pure Oxygen, without any of the other chemicals in it that are in our atmosphere, I.e. Nitrogen and Hydrogen, etc. that would be harmful to. If you drink a gallon of milk in an hour, you would get sick. If you take too many of certain vitamins, you can get sick.

Now I realize that people are going to still talk shit and say I am wrong on this and they are right. But if Marijuana is totally harmless, then get off your ass and go prove it! If you cant write a well researched dissertation that is at least 500 pages long, with about 100 reliable sources, then you dont have a case!

BTW, I went to school with a guy, who was a pot head, nobody liked the guy very well at all. When he talked, it sounded like he had brain damage. He looked like a zombie and he did not have good hygiene habits. He smelled very badly all the time. His skin was wrinkling and turning color. He was 17 years old and he looked like he was 71 from the condition of his skin. He spent all his money on dope, he spent some time in jail, and he was a thief. The other students, teachers and his own relatives did not seem to like him very much. He couldnt afford to go out to the movies or anything else that high school students like to do, because he spent all his time and money on drugs. He got fired from several jobs because of drug problems and he was failing out of school, he even considered dropping out. Now you tell me: Is Marijuana harmful in any way, shape or form?

Uploaded 12/15/2008
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