how i broke my toe skating.

it all started when me and my friend were skating and we got bored after a while, so we went into my neighbors backyard they have a huge empty pool so we thought since they were on vacation we should skate the pool. First i tried to olliee it after a few tries i did it succesfully, it was a 6 foot ledge but kinda sketchy and slippery. after that i tried kickflipping it, i went to far to the side so i bailed out and went down crushing my toe it hurt pretty bad so i stopped for that day. i showed it to my parents and we went to a doctor i actually fractured it and bruised it pretty bad. i didnt even know i was hurt until the next morning,i just popped open a bottle of hydro codeines like nothing happened. it wasnt that bad it was the third bone iv broken this year iv broken 8 bones in all. last time i broke my arm and i had to have surgery on it. thats how i broke my toe

Uploaded 08/15/2008
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