How I won best blogger.

   When I see a challenge in front of me I jump right to it and piss all over it's fucking face. You all may know damn well I am probably the oldest user on this website, I was here ever since the site was in a somewhat beta. I had my fair share of features. I also infected this website with aids back in 2003, I fucked this website through every single hole in sight. this website is coated in my jizz and piss, I made this website the old worn out dirty dimwitted whore it is today. It all started when I met up with Eric Bauman in the year 2000, He had his pants up to his nipples and glasses thicker than my penis jello. He started humping the shit out of my leg and telling me to enchant his website with my white goo of wiseness. Though his appearance was completely disgusting I accepted his offer and began to fulfill his website with my never ending knowledge of stealing a bunch of stupid fucking videos from and putting them on his pathetic anal beed of a website. and 4chan both raided my front door that very morning I was taken to there leader, He had many names, you may know him as lucifer. He tried to keep me imprisoned but with my quick thinking I extinguished his fire with my golden piss of truth.
   Than after a great run of stealing shit from dumbass websites, Zvue decided to take shit over. They tried to contain me but I quickly cock slapped them swallowed them and shit them out of my dick. That brings us to where we are today, the veins of my dick still extend through very long ranches of Ebaumsworld. 
Uploaded 11/17/2010
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