How many of you know...

...or care for that matter, that I also served in our military? It's more than likely that I haven't mentioned it before. "Why is that Deunan?" you ask. Well, for starters it's not I time in my life that I recall fondly. I 'did' enjoy having the opportunity to serve all you idiots as well as getting to see parts of the world I would never have seen. I enjoyed my time with my shipmates, people from all over our great country that I never would have met.


I 'did not' enjoy killing people, directly or indirectly. I 'did not' enjoy the way a lot of you morons treated me upon returning. I 'did not' enjoy getting paid jack shit for puttng my neck on the line.


My great grandfather was a Pearl Harbor survivor, him and my grandfather both fought in WW2. My father served 3 tours in Vietnam (which fucked him up pretty well). My brothers have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. My sister is retired Air Force. I served in the first Gulf War.




For any of you disrespectful mother fuckers out there that are crying about freedom of speech and other bullshit...SHUT YOUR FUCKING PIE HOLES!!! You have no FUCKING CLUE what you're talking about.


From this point on there are certain "people's" blogs and comments that I will no longer read. I will not even grace them with a single fucks don't even deserve that! All of you balless, chickenshit pukes sitting behind your computers spouting stupid fucking shit you know nothing about amaze me! IRL people like myself, Dread, Major, GiJoe and others here would kick the living shit out of you for HALF the things you say and you know it. Don't forget you little shits, that's what we were trained to do!



Yours truly,

 Petty Officer, Third Class DeunanKnute

Uploaded 12/14/2011
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