How Much Did the "Prophet" Profit?

Well, we all know that Harold Camping's prediction of the rapture was false for the second time.  So how much did he make off of this venture that scared people out of their homes and savings?

According to IBTimes in San Francisco, "The IRS filings reveal that in 2009 alone, Family Radio managed to bring $18 million in contributions, and the total assets for that year was $72 million." 
It also states the following.

"Interestingly in 2007, according to the financial statements in possession with which grades Christian organizations on financial transparency, Family Radios total asset was $152 million, including contributions which totaled nearly $16 million." 

I'm sure much of that was based on end times prophecy, but how much was contributed for this event alone?  The article states that they spent quite a bit promoting the failed event.

"Family Radio is also believed to have spent $5-10 million towards promoting Campings Doomsday prediction campaign."

Harold Camping, a member of the Christian Reformed Church until 1988, joined with other individuals of Christian Reformed, Bible Baptist, and Conservative Christian Presbyterian backgrounds to purchase an FM radio station in 1958, then Family Radio acquired six additional FM stations and seven other AM stations to expand its promotion.  He had developed quite a network with which to "fleece the flock."

It might be easy to pass this off as a man suffering dementia due to his age, but considering the amount of money he stood to make, it doesn't seem that this even is that innocent.  One retired MTA employee pumped $140,000, his entire life savings, into a NYC Transit ad campaign to warn everyone the world will end due to Camping's prediction. reported.

"A number of Camping's supporters quit their jobs and divested themselves of all their worldly possessions in the belief they were doing the right thing for the right reason. "

Some churches have stepped up to try to help those devastated by Camping's prediction and some atheists, who formed the Rapture Relief Fund, are now using the donations to fund a camp that teaches children about critical thinking.  It might be a good idea, however, to hold Harold Camping and Family Radio responsible for damages for this huge fail, especially considering the huge profit they've most likely made from this highly promoted false event.

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