How this guy lost his V-card


It was the night that I visited my neighbor, Claire, That I turned from a boy into a man. I was unaware of the extremely pleasurable things that would happen, but if I did, I would still be heading her way because I had a MAJOR crush on her. Not like the small ones you get on your friends at school, something much, MUCH more. I jumped over her backyard fence into her yard. She was sitting down on a bench all alone looking up at the beautiful stars, her beautiful face and curly brown hair shimmering a great deal in the moonlight. 'This is it!' I thought, trying to act as brave as I could, I know I couldn't remain like this for very long, for I would surely break into sweat and tremble all over. As I got closer she looked in my direction and smiled. "Hi" she said softly, her amazing smile sent shivers down my spine as I walked closer. "Hello" I said back. 

Then, gathering up enough courage, taking in a deep breath, I calmly said "Would you mind if I sat down next to you and and" My tongue started to swell, I felt my ears redden, and I started to tremble. Claire giggled playfully and said "Sure. Sit here." She moved over slightly and made room for me on the bench. 'Okay' I thought as I sat down 'This is it.' Claire resumed looking at the stars quietly, and so did I. for a moment all was quiet until Claire calmly said "What is that bright star there?" She pointed slightly to the upper left. "Oh, that?" I said "That's a planet" Claire looked at me again. "Oh? What planet is it?" I looked at it again for a moment and said "That's Venus. It's the brightest object in the sky besides the moon and the sun." She giggled quietly again. "Okay, science man, now what is OH LOOK!" A shooting star filled the entire sky up with a warm glow and passed overhead. "Make a wish!" I heard her say. I thought for a moment, but this time, all the wishes I could think about were of Claire. 'Oh, man. This is IT! This is my moment!' I thought. "I know" I started to say, but after that, nothing came out. She looked at me, her beautiful eyes glistening in the blue moonlight. I gathered up all of the strength I had and finished my sentence, saying "I wish I could tell you how much I love you."

She stared at me for a moment emotionless, and I stared back. I started to sweat and tremble. I was so embarrassed I almost cried. All I wanted to do now is apologize to her, but now, all I could do is breathe in one long, cold, breath. Her face was glistening brightly in the moonlight, her face had no emotion, but within seconds, a large, beautiful smile spread across her face. "Hey, Claire, I'm-" She cut me off by putting her index finger over my lips. She moved in closer until she was almost on top of me. She moved in closer to my ear and whispered in an extremely sexy voice "I love you too." She slowly kissed me on the cheek and sat up quietly. I felt myself getting hard and trembling all over, and I felt  happiness course through to my fingers and toes. Claire sat up on my abdomen, and brushed her fingers through my hair. Never before has a person, let alone the girl of my dreams, ever touched me in this way. 

As Claire sat up, she put her hands on my shoulders and came close again, this time, only a few centimeters away from my lips. My eyes widened, and, I'm not going lie, this time I squeaked in pleasure. She giggled, making the cutest noise imaginable. "Other girls must've been really lucky to have you as a boyfriend. Your cute, kind, and" My expression was clueless, as, I'm not going to lie again, I never had a girlfriend, not even a girl kiss me. I was 100% virgin. She said quietly, as if reading my mind, "Wait are you a virgin?" I felt idiotic, but still managed to say "Yes" Here's where it all starts. Her eyes widen and her beautiful smile shown once again, like she wanted something. She came in very slow and kissed me on the lips. It felt so amazing yet simple, and I felt intense pleasure build up inside me. After a while Claire and I were squirming around, wanting each other more than ever before, kissing each other as all our other problems fell away. It was just Claire alone that I cared about. My penis was rock hard and erect taller than I've ever had before. As my waist bucked upward, she felt it on her back, tall and erect. She pushed herself away from me, "I'm going to take your pants off. Stand up." She demanded. I stood up, She unbuckled my belt and took off my pants, exposing my underwear with a massive bulge in the middle. She pulled down my pants in a suspenseful way, and when pulled down my underwear she gasped as my red, pulsing, penis was exposed to the mid-June warmth. I was gasping in deep breaths and trying to keep calm. This is the moment i have been waiting years for. "That is the biggest penis I've ever seen!" she said. Her eyes wide, her mouth watering.

"Sit down over there. Now." She demanded again. I obeyed and sat on a comfortable red couch-like chair with my penis extended far out. She got closer and sat on my abdomen again. She kissed some more and I took off her shirt. I gasped as I saw massive, perfect, boobs equal to Kate Upton's. My breath shortened, like hers. I reached around and while unstrapping her bra.  I felt her massive breasts with both my hands and got hornier and hornier the longer I felt them. And then, standing back up, she took off her jeans in front of me and, exposing only the hottest ass I have ever seen on a girl. When she sat back on me, I couldn't wait any longer. I took off my shirt and watched as she gasped and put her hands on her chest looking at my rock hard six-pack abs. 

She then shot a stern look at me, exclaiming almost to yelling "I WANT YOUR COCK." She dove in and kissed my neck, and kissed down to my collarbone, and my abdomen, licking my big balls and area around the penis, and as she reached penis level, she stared up at me and smiled. I started to tremble, for I knew what was next. I dreamed of this moment. I grabbed the arms of the chair. She moved in very slowly and then, with her mouth open, took only the head of my penis into her. Extreme pleasure and happiness filled my body to the brim as she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock. I moaned and groaned and squirmed as she sucked me. She messaged my balls with her hands and jerked me off at the base. With each suck she got deeper and deeper, sucking me until the tingling head of my penis hit the back of her throat. I gasped in and out over and over again. She moaned, making 'mmmmmMMmmMMMMMMMMMm' noises which, if possible, made me even more horny, sending me straight up the walls. She then stopped as soon as I felt cum in the back of my penis building up. Claire licked from the bottom of my shaft and slowly made her way up my cock. It felt SO good when her tongue grazed my hard shaft. I couldn't say anything at this point, just "AaaaaaAAAaaaAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" 

The cum was on the verge of pouring out of me, and as she reached the top of my cock, she grinned an orgasmically beautiful smile, and took the entire, full penis deep back into her throat. I literally yelled and squirmed in pleasure as I reached the climax of an orgasm. I gripped the sides of the chair until my knuckles were white. Hot cum poured out of my penis filling up her throat and poured out the sides of her mouth and onto the ground. My eyes closed hard shut as she drank up all the sperm that was in her mouth, on her face, and on my penis. I let out one, long, giant sigh as I was recovering from the best, and the first, blow job of my life.

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