How To Actually Get Featured

In this brave new Internet world there are millions of people logged into their favorite sites everyday and for those of you reading this blog our site of choice is Ebaum's World. Within our corner of the Internet there is suddenly a huge outcry for help in gaining "erep" points. The first and foremost way to go about gaining these points is  to get your material featured so it doesn't simply languish away in the doldrums of page fifty something where only the most dedicated or the most lost will ever encounter it again. Which brings me to the point of the matter which is "How do I get featured?". For starters those of you who are new to the site should spend some time looking around at not just videos and pictures but games, flash animations, blogs, and jokes.  This will give you an idea of what current users tastes are like.  Next start commenting and rating other peoples material so other users start to recognise your name and avatar (remember if you act like an ass and piss people off they will remember you). Now you are ready to begin submitting your very own brand of humor in what ever form you wish. The other users who know of you will most likely comment and rate your material and many of the top users are more than generous when it comes to getting a new guy started. Obviously highly rated material gets noticed and that is the basis of how you get featured. Please remember it is quality and originality not shear quantity that gets attention in the administrators world.

Those are the do's and these are the do not's: Do not upload 100 of the first videos you come across. Do not post endless nasty comments on other peoples profiles or submissions. Do not send ebaum message after message requesting you get featured( that has never worked ).  Do not post only porn (I realise it gets a lot of views but don't let that be the only thing you upload)...etc....etc...You probably get the point.

Good Luck!


Uploaded 07/17/2008
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