How to be a Legendary Alpha Girl


Becoming a legendary alpha bad girl just got a whole lot easier thanks to this step by step guide that will increase your inner confident and help you become a more independent bad girl. It may not be for everyone, but if you know how to pretend then you can do anything.

  Be prepared for some work. Being an alpha is difficult because you have to live up to everyone's standards and also accomplish even more in a small period of time. Still if you know how to manipulate while living freely, then you've already done step number one making you closer to being that alpha bad girl.

Being bad doesn't mean you have to be rude. An alpha bad girl is mean at times, but overall she just wants to have fun and go out every night and day.

Drama follows you everywhere you go and with everything you do. You will always need to be the star of conversations and the center of the universe before anyone else ever gets the chance.

Get out there and be noticed. An alpha bad girl is an eye catching jaw dropper. She loves the confidence she possesses. She is very popular, feeds off of her social life, and the people that she leads.

You don't have to be the prettiest or skinniest girl in the world to be an alpha bad girl. Your confidence is what will make you the most beautifully striking bad girl around.

Do random things that are interesting and fun so other people around you will want to be with you every second. If you have a clique or want one then you'll need to make a lot of friends. remember to only keep 3 or 4 in your inner exclusive circle. However, never ever get too close to anyone because you don't want the possibility of being humiliated or back-stabbed.

Manipulating people isn't always the right choice, but if you want to become the ultimate alpha bad girl, you have to. Do everything persuasively sneaky or people won't want to listen to you. Otherwise you'll fall apart.

Keep your reputation/status up to date and fresh with every breath you take. Get rid of the things you don't want people to know then make the things you want to share more exciting and amazing.

If you aren't invited to the best parties, then don't give up. Make people feel like if they don't invite you, then they wont have fun. Being the life of the party is what you're known for! Even if it's not a good spotlight. Don't be shy go for it!

Do outrageous things, but if you're feeling blue then don't go out because you never want people to see you at your worst. Try not to get hooked on a hot guy, because if your heart gets broken then it could be embarrassing and shameful. Then again, never settle for less.

You must always look fearless and hot. Even when you go to bed. Never show any weaknesses. Be mean only if someone disrespects you. Don't start things for no reason.Manipulate! Manipulate! Manipulate!

Make friends with every group and maintain those "friendships".Watch The Bad Girls Club and worship it as if it is your bible.Stay with the trends and upgrade your closet every time something new comes out, but keep your signature personal touch.Don't be afraid to get down and dirty or a little seductive. Always aim for the spotlight.

Laugh and act like you're having the time of your life even if you're by yourself.Make great first impressions! Carry yourself with a great deal of noticeable confidence. Be fake, mean, hard, and still easy to get along with. Have codes and signals within your clique so they know when you need out of a situation. Make sure the outsiders know why they're outside.

Rebel! Rebel! Retaliate! Don't be afraid to do anything crazy and embarrass yourself a little bit. Be edgy and creative. Make a myspace and/or a Facebook and add tons of people. Also put a lot of pictures of the fun times you've had on there and it'll make people want to hang out with you.

Being an ordinary alpha and being an alpha bad girl are two different things so don't mix those up. Don't come across as a fake or people won't want to hang out with you. Still be a little fake and manipulative. Be extremely confident without being too conceited or you'll lose some friends and start a bad reputation. If you try too hard you'll be known as a poser. Make sure being a bad girl doesn't make you go way out of your comfort zone so much that you appear fake and insecure. Otherwise you might end up without friends and in trouble. If you start getting bored go do something to spice up your life, even cause a bit of drama if you need to. Be a bitch at your own risk. You don't have to smoke or drink if you don't want to or if you're not of age.

Things you'll need

Money, Name brands, Original trendy clothes and style, Makeup, A cell phone,  An iPod to stay up to date with all music, Internet, Myspace & Facebook

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