How to completely prevent yourself from getting lung cancer. You

   If your reading this blog than I am glad to tell you, you do not have to stop smoking! Recent scientific advances have proven that you CAN completely prevent your body from getting lung cancer, and I am going to tell you how In 7 easy steps.
1. A spoon of peanutbutter under the sack never hurts.2. Don't breathe all the air is poison, If you do breathe your lungs may be consficated by the cancer police, So please read the signs before you take that breath.3. Kill yourself! Believe it or not, The number one cause for lung cancer is being alive. So ending your own life decreases your chances of catching lung cancer 100%4. Stay away from movies such as Narnia, The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. It has been scientifically proven that these movies are very high in Lung cancer, Lung cancer is actually a very high symptom that you may actually have Lung cancer!5. A healthy dose of aids can always decrease your chances of getting lung cancer.6. If the clouds around you are depressed, This symptom shows a very high risk that you have lung cancer so always watch the clouds around you and check to see if they cut there cloud wrists while your not looking.7. If your shit comes out hairy, than you definately have lung cancer, You can stop this by having a healthy diet of Lamp Dust.
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