How To Defend Yourself From Witches

As you probably already know, there's a lot of witches around you and they feed on your energy. That's right, why do you think some days you feel weak? It's witches that suck up your aura. You don't notice them because most of the modern witches adapted. You think about a hag living in a forest hut and don't realise that a full-blooded witch passed you on the street this evening.

How to spot a witch?

They wear all black clothing, usually a dress. Their make-up highlights their pale complexion and usually consists of a lot of mascara. Their lipstick colors range from Chanel Rouge Coco 21 Rivoli to pitch black (basically, very dark shades). They also like lace and silver jewelry. 


How do I defend myself from a witch? First of all, watch your pockets. She might wanna take something out of them and prepare a fetish. She might also put in something there. Like a pentagram. Witches often wear pentagrams around their neck. If you see a girl that looks like a witch with a pentagram on her neck, it's a sign she worships demons and that you should run.


Witches love black cats and shitty music with a lot of female soprano. If you know a girl that has a black cat, make sure you ask her what music she likes. If she plays you some awful crap sounding like a banshee doing karaoke, you can be sure the girl is under a witches spell, most probably a candidate. Normal humans have potential to become witches, so beware.


How to fight a witch? It's almost impossible to kill a witch with normal bullets. Be sure to have a few silver ones. Garlic might prove useful in close range - it repels them. Remember they can't cross running water, so unless they use a car, they won't be able to pass the bridge. You can use tactics this way, and be sure she won't run away from you and strike at night, when you're sleeping

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