How To Drink For Free The Whole Night

It's a well-known fact that the bars get a lot of money from horny guys buying drinks for attractive women. That's probably why the girlish drinks cost more than whiskey on the rocks. The bartender knows that. You know that. Who doesn't know? The "Dumb Ass" doesn't. By Dumb Ass (DA for short) I mean the guy who thinks he's funny and awesome and wants to impress a pretty chick. He's your wallet tonight. But wait, you'd think if he buys you drinks, you gotta repay him for that in some way. That's basically true, because if he notices you aren't interested in him, this might end bad for you. You need a slick plan.

What you do is find an attractive douche bag.  He needs to be the type that likes to impress with his looks and clothes. Be sure he's lame and egocentric. That's easy. The trick won't work if you're not pretty enough. If you're chubby, you can stop reading this article. If you're attractive, put on your make-up and skimpy clothes and start the hunt. Pick your prey and look at his chest and crotch. Be sure he notices you doing that. When your eyes meet, smile. That's basically it. He's yours and gets close, introduces himself and asks if he could buy you a drink.

The important thing you need to remember is that you can only get 3 drinks this way (your mind needs to be clear for the next move), so be sure to order the best ones (the most expensive ones). During the chat, be sure to say stuff like "my friend got robbed yesterday. They caught the guy. It was her black neighbor" or "what's your favorite fruit? Mine's water melon" and "they should be a buffet here. I'd eat some chicken." You kinda get where this is going. At some point ask him if he knows any cool jokes. There's a 99% chance he's gonna tell you a racist joke about black people (you kinda triggered his mind for that) and once he does that, say "I had no idea you were a racist. I don't wanna talk to you" and leave.

This is the part when he feels dumb and wants to catch you and say he didn't mean to be racist. You gotta go to the bathroom and ignore him on the way. This is the part where your friend finds an attractive black guy. She tells him he needs to meet you and calls you. You get out of the bath room and flirt with the black guy. The DA won't get anywhere near you because he's afraid of the black guy. You have him out of the way. As for your plan...

You say that you met the biggest ass hole in the club a moment ago. He was nice until he began his racist rant. Talk some shit about how you hate racism to the black guy. He'll probably be charmed. Black people usually aren't very rich, so be sure to order cheaper drinks when he offers you any. Be sure to flirt but still stay pissed and act like you're furious. When you decide you've had enough, get out of the club and call a taxi.

There you go. It's very easy and almost 100% safe when you're pretty. If you have your own tips, please share them in the comment section

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