How To Elevate Your Mood Without Drugs

My research tells me that most people are bored and miserable.  You deserve to be happy my friend.


Here's one of the most powerful methods I have ever discovered for elevating my mood on a daily basis.


It doesn't involve popping pills, taking drugs, or smoking anything.


The method is to get some exercise and get it as early in the day as possible.


It can be a walk, a jog, a bike ride or other forms of exercise.


(Legal disclaimer: please consult your physician before starting any new exercise routine, as I do not know your specific condition).


I usually walk and I find it's best to do outside in the fresh air, preferably in a park or some kind of natural setting.  Hopefully you have a park or someplace nice that is only 10 minutes or less from where you are.


Here's a way for you to gauge if this is something that will really benefit your life:


Take this simple test:  keep a basic chart for one week. For each day, write down the level between 1 and 10 of your mood (1 being miserable and 10 feeling fantastic) before and after exercising.


I think that after monitoring your mood before-and-after exercising for one week you will see the difference in black and white.


I did this for one week and my mood increased by at least one number every day after exercising. It was very clear to me after seeing this on paper and feeling the difference that this was something positive for my life.


It's something simple and powerful that helps me emotionally, physically and socially (because Iâm in a better mood and feel more agreeable with people). I'm hooked!


I generally try to get out earlier rather than later, usually during midmorning. I generally walk for 10 minutes as a warm-up.


Three days a week after the 10 minute warm-up walk I will do about 20 minutes of yoga stretches in the park.  A couple of days a week after the walking I will do some strengthening exercises for about 20 minutes (pushups and others strengthening exercises) in the park.


On the days I exercise I feel more refreshed, upbeat and alive. On the days when I don't exercise,  I do notice a difference in my mood (I generally don't feel as positive). On the non-exercise days I feel kind of sluggish, lousy,  and have more sugar cravings and I tend to overeat more.


I like to pray when I walk and after my exercise session is over; it's when I spend some quality time with God.


I have a friend Greg whose routine is to roll out of bed and put on his running shoes (I think he puts on some shorts too). He then goes for a jog around the neighborhood for approximately 20 minutes before he gets in his morning shower.


He is one of the most upbeat, productive, and positive people I know.


I asked him about it and he said that he too likes to balance cardio with strengthening exercises (he goes to the gym a few days a week).


He said he attributes exercise to helping him have a general overall positive attitude and outlook on life. He also credits having God in his life.


Is getting out and exercising in the morning to simple to actually work? Itâs cheap. No membership fees required. All you need to have is a good pair of shoes and a safe park to walk in. I like to carry pepper spray for protection.


I challenge you to give it a try for a week and chart your mood. I would be interested to hear about your results.


Here's wishing you good health and a great mood!


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