How to get eRep points, get featured and become famous on eBaums


How to get eRep points, get featured and become famous on eBaumsWorld, a practical guide by a eBaums Power User.


In early 2008 eBaums launched the eRep point system. This system is a great way to earn prizes and get rewarded for your uploaded media, and time spent on the site. There are some really cool items to choose from, and getting them is totally doable. (They really do send your prizes to you, they even take care of shipping)

Here is how to do it.


First, you need a source of good material to upload. Then, you need to get the item from the source, to eBaumsworld. The absolutely painless way is to do this is by using Firefox browser with the add ons “DownloadHelper” and “DownThemAll”

Using these tools, downloading items and uploading them to eBaums is a easy task. (Use Downloadhelper for videos, and DownThemAll for pictures and games.)

The programs are pretty easy to use, even an eNoob should be able to use them.


Awesome! Now you have 50 cool videos on your desktop awaiting sure glory on eBaums! Here come the most important part... Always be sure to sell your media.

Make people check out your stuff! You can have the coolest video ever, and no one will watch it due to poor tagging or a lame description.

I am guilty of being lazy in this area as well, and I am sure that I would have twice as many features if I had paid more attention to this in the past.


All right, so now your cool video has been uploaded and is now in the system. Now, its up for every one to enjoy. It should get featured right away, right? Well, not always...

Don't be discouraged if the videos you upload don't get featured, keep in mind that there are tons of things being uploaded on a regular basis.

Remember that hot video you just found and uploaded of a figure skater being eaten alive by a rabid polar bear while a transvestite dwarf moonwalks??? Well, 27 other people uploaded it. Yesterday.


If at first you don't succeed, just keep on trying. I had been uploading videos and gallerys for about 6 months or more before I got my first featured item. It was a great feeling, and it came as a surprise.

Also, don't be surprised if the video you thought would be a sure hit does not get any views, and the gallery you least expected to be a hit gets featured. Thats just the way it works around here sometimes.


Some videos I upload that are amazing get very little traffic. Take this for example: under 200 views, and totally epic! I was very disappointed it was not featured. one of my first uploads, simple, and basically stupid. Yet it was watched well over 500,000 times.


If you are diligent, and upload a diverse amount of quality media, you will get featured. If you upload the same 3 second clip over and over, you will just get banned :)

Get to know people around here, post comments on videos, establish a viewer base, and have fun.

Pretty soon, that new PS3 will be at your door.

Uploaded 05/04/2008
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