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After numerous amounts of people asking me how to get ‘Featured,’ I’ve decided to help those out in a blog so you to all those who are interested can at least try to get a ‘Featured.’ Please note that after following these steps, you are not 100% guaranteed to get a ‘Featured.’ So, without any furthermore ado here are what I, and probably most users do to achieve their goals.


1.   Upload something you feel that is unique, funny, original, and something that nobody else has seen or uploaded already from various amounts of websites. (EX: Don’t upload something that is already on this website or that is on somebody else’s website that has been viewed by thousands of peoples.)

2.   Search the website for any media that has been or hasn’t been uploaded already. (EX: If you see a media you like that nobody else has uploaded then feel free to submit it. However, many people tend to upload the same media, but with different tags. That isn’t always the case. If you see a media that has already been uploaded that you’ve enjoy, the chances are others have enjoyed it too. Which means are getting to off to a good start. Sometimes, the moderators will delete your material due to “Duplicate Media.” Whoever has the first uploaded content of many seems to get ‘Featured’ first.)

3.   Don’t spam uploading. (EX: Adding random, stupid, or old media more than once to try to gain eRep points. This is more a cheating the system and you are less likely to get ‘Featured’ in the near future.

4.   Don’t upload watermarked material, unless it is copyrighted. (Don’t upload videos from other websites like Break, VideoVault, etc… that have their watermarks on the video. That’s a plain giveaway that you’re stealing other people’s media, instead of doing your own research. The chances are like 1/10 that you will get ‘Featured.’ By copyrighted material I mean like news media CNN, ABC, etc…)

5.   Visit smart websites that offer funny media. (EX: YouTube, Metacafe, Yourdailymedia. All of these website feature amazing content and a lot of users got their media ‘Featured’ by visiting this site.


If you follow these five steps it will help you get a ‘Feature’ once again, I am giving out this information because too many people are uploading too much pointless things and trying to cheat the system. Keep Ebaumsworld a funny and clean site. Any questions PM me.


Uploaded 08/23/2008
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