How to Get Out of Jury Duty

How a criminal mastermind that oversees much of the organized crime organizations all over the world got chosen to do jury duty, I will never know. But I did and since I am a respectable person who can see both sides of everything I guess I will have to my civic duty. Unlike the families and aquaintances of Police and government I will not be partial in my decisions to find a defendant guilty just because I am related to a cop.
All these cops have families and apparently because you are related an officer you get to feel justified in passing your civic duty onto others because you cannot be impartial. Sad really. Families of police obviously
  feel they are above all other civilians and think they are generally "better than" us common people. I guess we should consider them royalty then. May I fetch you a basket of
How about some
and crumpets? Please let me know if I can do anything else your majesty. Yeah, so That is one way to get out of doing your civic duty. The other way is to just blatantly lie and say I have such a negative feeling over the crime in question it will impair me to be impartial.
I get it, everyone deserves a fair and speedy trial in America. I would want one if it ever came to that. 
Another way is to just say I am will be impartial with my decision in a jury because of what I THINK about law enforcement. This can be negative thoughts or positive thoughts. Now this is a fair question. If you tend to lean towards agreeing with law enforcement then you need not be on a trial.
 On the same token, if you hate cops and want them all to rot in the depths of a firery hell then you should probably not be in the jury.
The thing they don't ask you is whether or not you are a convicted criminal or felon. This baffles me because as a felon you loose certain rights. To me that means a felon is a "less than" person. They obviously don't think you are responsible enough to make certain decisions, so what makes them think you will be a good jury member?

Here cop families how would like to have a jury of these guys? They are all felons just doing their civic duty you can't do because you're to narrow minded to see past a badge and a gun. Furthermore, they can't vote in some states and can't use or carry a firearm to protect their family just because they were in possession of a hit of exstasy tablet back when they were 20. Ridiculous. Also because of this felony conviction jobs are limited and therefore he/she doesn't make much money.
But he/she has to take your place as a jury member and earn 10 dollars a day and mileage. Get it now, cop families? So there ya go people. Just marry a cop, blatantly lie, be partial in one way or another, know the attorney DA or defendant, or be generally lazy and self important and you can get out of Jury duty.

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