How to make friends at Giant Eagle

So I know I'm not the only one who does this.  I shopped at Giant Eagle today and picked up a few things for dinner.  I was 4 spots away from the entrance to the store, so I'm too lazy to take the cart to one of the cart returns or taking it back into the store.  After I'm done loading my car up, I decided to hoist the cart up onto the curb so it's not in anybody's way.  Well there was a van parked closest to the curb, and there was a mom and her three fatherless children in the vehicle at the time (you guess what race they were).  After I put the cart on the curb, I heard some hollering from the van, didn't think anything of it cuz I thought she was just yelling at one of her kids.  Turns out it was me she was yelling at.  Apparently, she had a real vendetta with me putting the cart there, but I ignored her and got into my car.  When I was backing out, I noticed that one of her children got out of the van, took the cart off the curb, and pushed it violently towards me.  At this point, I had the look of death in my eyes as I watched the cart getting ready to ram my car.  However, I believe God was looking out for me today, as a couple of seconds before it got to my car, the cart veered at a 90 degree angle and slammed into a parked car two up from me.  As I looked at the mom's face, whose mouth was completely dropped, all I could do was raise up my hand at her and gave her a thumb's up.

Uploaded 05/09/2008
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