How to please a women? lol

I had to post my version of the blog the esteemed steroid taking, troglodyte, managed to type out with his stubby ape like fingers.
           Blogs like that, which are so much like "Sex for dummies" and a "100 ways to please your, whatever"Do you know what the best way to please a women is?

     Ask the women.

     It is as simple as that. Ask her what she likes and how she likes it done. In my limited personal experience communication is the key to any successful sexual liaison, be it a one night stand or a lasting relationship. For crying out loud do not think to have the hubris to think, with one specific strategy you can please each and every women. There are approximately 3.2 billion women, spread across this vast and diverse globe. In some countries women are liberal when it comes to sex. Some have specific views on sex brought on by their upbringing, religion, culture etc the list goes on. And even then you cannot judge a women by that demographic either, who is to say a God fearing women doesn't like to get her kicks my being spanked at an altar while "God" watches her. Also, some women may not know what they like in the sack, this is where trial and error comes into it through communication. And of course communication may not work for every one, but I think it is a better strategy than starting intercourse thinking you have the battle won before you even storm the trenches. 

   There is no fool proof way to please a women sexually, much as there is no fool proof way to chat up, date, marry or have a relationship with a women. Women are diverse, complex and ever changing, the only way you could possibly know how to please a women is to ask what she likes, listen and learn. If you don't you would just be fumbling around in the dark thinking you have gotten her going, but in reality she may well be faking it, and you're not pleasing her at all. 
    Or in the case of the roid head who wrote those two previous blogs, you could have your head so far up your own ass with your own ego inflated bullshit preaching how to please a women, and letting your own sheer hubris make you ignore the fact that each and every women is so vastly different in tastes when it comes to just about everything. And forget how impossible it is to know what a women wants. Without asking.
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