How to satisfy a woman part 2

   Inspite of all the good feedback I decided to make all you fuckin losers another blog on how to pleasure a woman, This blog will be useless to the majority of you losers because many of you will stay virgins all your life. Ok so I already went over proper oral sex so now I will discuss penetration, remember that right before you stick it in her pussy you wanna rub your dick around the rim of her asshole this is very arousing to women. At first you wanna stick just the tip of your penis in her ass to tease her and than just thrust it straight into her pussy and ram the shit out of the slut. Now if she's a really kinky girl, well most women are kinky and just don't want to admit it. If you really wanna get wild and make her orgasm like fucking crazy, than when your penis is inside of her make sure you piss a little bit, it takes a while to master it but once you got it down your locked and loaded. Woman love the feeling of fluid rushing in there pussy, make sure you use lube though because piss doesn't have a lot of friction. You gotta remember to be the fuckin boss and make sure she knows it, woman love the taste of cum so it's never a bad idea to give her a mouthfull. Remember anal stimulation is key so when your cock is in her pussy always try to get two fingers in her asshole, when you're gonna stick it in her ass make sure you spit in her butthole it makes awesome lube. 
Uploaded 07/22/2012
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