How very very strange...

I love my daughter, even when she's pure evil- she's 19 months old, and the terrible twos seem to be coming early.  She's got a personality all her own, and shows it.  She will constantly babble conversations, every so often throwing another word or two in it.  I still wish I had a baby to English dictionary. 

But the thing that makes her strange and sets her apart from most other children her age (and a lot of times above) is that she eats EVERYTHING.  Since she started eating solid food, she's only rejected one thing that I've given her, and that was a slice of lemon.  Oh, sure, I started her off with sweet potatoes and bananas when she was 6 months old, but then as we progressed, she started eating whatever I was eating. 

She loves broccoli.  She only has five teeth (that's her daddy's genetics), so it's hard for her to eat it, but that doesn't stop her.  She'll also chow down on a dill pickle spear if it's in front of her.  And she loves fish.  She's had cod, tuna, tilapia and mahi mahi and she'll eat a peice of it faster than I can.  Of course, she still loves her bananas and apples and mandarin oranges, but you can bet your ass she won't turn down some hashbrowns with ketchup and Tobasco!  Oh, and she likes tofu from miso soup and sushi too.

And it's not just what she eats, it's HOW much she eats.  She eats like a little horse.  She can chow down two small bowls of homemade penne and cheese, a couple of crackers, some juice, then half an hour later slug back 9 ounces of milk.  My friend who has a daughter that just turned two is in awe at what and how much Andy will eat. 

The weirdest thing is, she's still in the 10th percentile for weight.  She's in the 30th to 35th for her height, though.  She's actually a pretty skinny little thing.  You'd never think it because of her chubby little cheeks though- she gets that from her daddy's side.  She has the face of a baby that would be in 50th percentile for weight, her cheeks are that cutely squishable. 

It's kind of amazing to really look back and see how she's grown and developed (in a lot of ways faster than other children her age, especially since she was a month early).  She went from a helpless 5 lb 15 oz preterm baby that couldn't even latch on to nurse to a strong 21.5 lb toddler, that will eat anything and everything and only stops playing and making trouble when she's asleep.  Looks like she's going to end up with a good, high metabolism like her daddy has and I had before my thyroid stopped working so well.

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